Since we started out over 30 years ago our Pan Boxty has gone from strength to strength. As our homemade Boxty is made in the traditional way we get constant feedback from our customers that our Boxty is just like the Boxty they had growing up, which gives a sense of nostalgia.

Otherwise described as a ‘potato pancake’ made from basic ingredients, Boxty is an excellent everyday food for families due to its versatility. You can try it in a number of different ways eg. grilled, toasted, pan-fried with some real butter or on its own. There are plenty of ways to enjoy a pan of Boxty including using it as a wrap, panini, pizza base or as part of a tasty breakfast. For recipes click here

Our Boxty is:

  • Low in Fat
  • Low in Sugar
  • Rich in Energy
  • Source of Protein

History of Boxty:

Boxty is an authentic Irish dish which originated in the 1700s. It was a staple food in Irish households where potatoes were relied upon to survive. Blight during the famine destroyed the potato crop and affected the consumption of Boxty. After this period however it regained its popularity and to this day is eaten regularly in many households across the country especially in the north west. There are many different variations of Boxty, we believe our flavoursome traditional pan is the best.

“Boxty on the griddle, Boxty on the Pan, if you can’t make Boxty, you’ll never get a man” 

– Folk rhyme

For more info on the history of Boxty and the schools folklore collection check out: